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Accidents And Injuries

Accidents and Injuries

“Injuries damage the spine and there is no better place to be in than a chiropractor’s office.”

Healing Your Wounds the Natural Way

Our specialty is caring for patients who suffer from injuries or accidents. Once we review the patient history and conduct the basic exams, we initiate a plan of action for the patient followed by a plan of treatment. It may vary from spinal adjustments to therapies or any other treatment.

“Your situation is unique, so we’ll develop a unique treatment plan to meet your needs.”

As the patient’s health improves, we start stretching exercises, rehab and other healthcare recommendations for better spinal ability.

Chiropractic care is much more than providing relief from neck or back pain, or recovery from an injury. The real benefit of chiropractic is in the overall healing. That’s why wellness and maintenance are so important. Chiropractic care keeps you mobile and active post-accidents.

“Just like brushing your teeth daily is important, maintaining a good spinal health is vital.”

Positive and Long-term Healing

We’ve seen a lot of patients with spinal complications in the last twelve years. The results are always positive, but it takes about a month to six weeks to let the treatment stabilize and show a marked improvement.

People visit us post-accident due to our reputation. We offer the best chiropractic care coupled with the best, most positive attitude.

“Despite my back surgery, my back pain refused to go away. I went through chiropractic treatment for a year and achieved positive results.” – Dr. Anthony Nardecchia

You can experience the same positive results.

We empathize with patients and advise how life is never the same after an injury. Dr. Nardecchia explains, “I had to take a month off from work after my surgery. However, with chiropractic care, the healing has an overall positive impact on my health and mobility.” When there’s an option of seeing a chiropractor, it is best to avoid surgery.

Experience in treating whiplash/auto collisions     

I take serious your spinal injury related to an auto collision.   Spinal injuries related to auto collisions are serious injuries.  If not treated correctly research as shown these injuries to have negative long lasting permanent affects to your health.

I have been treating these injuries for 17 years with excellent results.   I work with other specialists also to get you the proper treatment you need in injuries of these types.

If you have any questions about a whiplash/ auto accident and what Chiropractic care can do for you please call my office.