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What to Expect at Back Care Centers

Not sure what to expect on your first chiropractic visit? Back Care Centers wants to set your mind at ease by telling you what you can expect on your visits to us.

New Patient Process

  • You’ll register at the front desk upon coming to our office – or it can be completed beforehand via emails.
  • You’ll get to meet the chiropractor before your first visit begins.
  • We’ll review your medical history records, preliminary exams and report findings during your first visit. We do this to ensure you don’t have to go back and forth many times.
  • Your adjustments start on your initial visit.
  • Our procedure is the same for all patients but treatment varies depending on their condition.
  • Your first visit takes one hour with follow-up visits lasting 30 minutes.
  • For auto accidents, you may need to visit three times a week to start with – possibly fewer times depending on your situation.
  • Frequency of your visits reduces gradually with the progress in your treatment.

Your Examination

  • You’re welcome to provide your medical history and reports from prior doctors.
  • We’ll first review them and then start treatment.
  • X-rays will be advised if they haven’t been done.
  • We’ll explain what’s going on in your body and prescribe a plan of action.

Putting You at Ease

At Back Care Centers, we’ll ensure that you’re comfortable with what to expect.

“I completely understand how you feel as I have felt exactly the same way too.”

We almost always do adjustments on our patients’ first visit to make them feel at home. We’ll explain and demonstrate to you how exactly you may expect to be adjusted. By showing you the spinal model, explaining whether you’ll feel sore, talking you through the adjustment – we’ll put your mind at ease.

Why is it important to be regular with chiropractic treatment?

“Just as it is important to eat, sleep, and brush your teeth daily, chiropractic care is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Initially, the spine takes a while to stabilize especially after an injury or accident just as toning muscles through regular exercise takes time. Similarly, adjustments take time to settle down. Soon, your life improves and you’ll start feeling better each day. The ‘feel good’ factor will make you want to continue with chiropractic treatment.

We’re a family-friendly chiropractic practice, and we would love to help you feel well. Please call us today for an appointment.